Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to promote a website on google for free

How to promote a website on google for free ?  If you want to boost your traffic, you have to make sure that you promote it in best possible ways. More Promotion means more Traffic. If you are a new blogger you can follow these simple tips to promote your website for free 

Submit Your Site to Search Engine Directory : The most popular Search Engine is Google. Why not  you know the google search engine about it. You can do the same with Yahoo, BING , DMOZ and Technorati. This will give quick visibility to your website.

Do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites : There are many free social bookmarking sites and you can submit all your posts to these do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites. You can use to submit to 100+ social bookmarking sites. This is surely give uplift to your website promotion. Top 100 Do-follow Social Bookmarking websites 

Send Emails to your friends : You can take advantage of your friends EMail List. Do sent mails to all your friends to make them know about your website. Tell your friends to forward your website to their friends.Make sure you include you website name and details in the signature .

Create a Facebook FAN Page : Yes , you can do it for free absolutely. Go ahead and create a FACEBOOK Fan Page and invite all your friends and relatives to join the FACEBOOK Fan Page. Request them to LIKE your page. Know how to get more likes to your FACEBOOK Fan Page.

Advertise your website: Google offers free advertising. You can use Google Adwords coupons  to advertise your website. 

Update your site with Quality Content : Keep your website going. Update it regularly with some interesting and quality content.

Comment on other blogs : Look for website of same niche. Give valuable comments and add your website there. You can comment on the do-follow blogs. It will  improve your page rank.

Sites to create free websites

Sites to create free websites ? This is common Query most of the readers have and when I was searching in google , over 747,000,000 search results available for this query. So whats so special about this query? Why are people still do ask and post regarding the same question again and again. 

If you looking to create a free website, you can do it online by using best source is blogging sites. I have shared many post regarding this in my previous articles . I would like to read those to have clear understanding what are sites to create free websites.

There is a increasing demand for website creation and more over website and blogging has become most important and easy source of income for many in this world. Just create a simple website for free and put some content regarding some interesting topic and make money. 

Website creation has become a powerful and useful tool to make easy money. There are many ways to make money online using your website , that I like to discuss in my next coming post. Today I would like to share what are the sites available for creating free websites.

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let me know if you still have questions.

How to create free logo for company

How to create free logo for company ? One question I had always was how to create Logo for my website. If you own a website or company website, you should have LOGO to define your Company and value. LOGO is very essential when its come to show integrity for your website.

Create a free company logo online ?  There are websites available over web where you can go and create a FREE LOGO for your company. One best website I recommend here in my post is
This is really very useful website if you don't to spend money for your company logo. is a popular Graphics designing website which can create your company logo with TEXT as your wish. 

There are many ready made templates available and you just have to use what ever template you feel good for your company design.

There is one more website called which is best of its kind. Its a open source tool and can be downloaded free of cost. There are huge features , editable notes ,Screenshots available by which you can create a company log.

Please use the above two website for creating FREE logo for your company and let me know if you are satisfied with my post.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

create your own social networking site free with mixxt

Create your own social networking site free with MIXXT - There are many popular social networking websites which have got high PAGERANK in Google.  To start with , Social networking websites can gain more revenue and visibility to your business and blogs.

If you have more and more users signing up your own social networking site, you business revenue will increase like anything. There are many popular Social networking sites like FACEBOOK,GOOGLEPLUS, ORKUT which has created revolutions in web world. Its all very simple and just need to create a chain of friends to start with.

How to create your own Social NETWOKING website :- One of the simple and best way I have found in web is to use for creating a Free Social networking website. You just have to sign up and start.

Register to MIXXT and enter your own Free Social Network and press START NOW. Once you login  you can find the various options to customize your site.

You can create your own network in just one minute. Enter the Domain name , name of your network , Additional SubTitle, Category of your site, How you want your member names and more options as your go on.

You can select templates as well and create your own free SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE.

How to Create free personal website

How to Create free personal website  ? Just in case you are not sure how to create Free personal website, you are at right place and that's here. Why you want to have a personal website ? Are you thinking of sharing your life with your friends or you want to share your knows to all. Ok the reason why I ask this question is , you are looking for free personal website, think specific reason for why you want to have a site of yours. Thats the key thing.

Use Free Blogging Sites : There are huge list of free blogging sites available over web. Just sign up with anyone and create your own free blog and done. You just have to have a personal email ID so that you can sign up with this free Blogging sites using your email ID. You need Email ID for verification to make sure you are not spam.

What is you are going to write? Since you are going to write something about you and since its a personal website , try to think what exactly you are going to write about you in your website. Just make a brief list of terms or sentences to create a your personal website. If you have something interesting you can invite your friends to comment and you can buildup your friends list.

Think of name of for your website : The second thing you gonna do is setting a name for your website.You can give your own name for your website. But ideally you need to purchase that domain name from any available domain registrars. You can refer this post for how to buy domain name from Godaddy.

Watch out for free Web-hosting  - if you are looking for free personal website , you can create one in any most popular free blogging site. To name couple which I like is and .Other Free blogging sites include, and

The steps to create a free personal website is same as creating a free websiteYou can refer my post on how to create a free website and blog for more information.

How to create a free website on google

How to create a free website on google ?  Make your life easy with creating a free website on Google free ad make money online with zero investment. I have started a  blog on google last year october 2011 and now I have 4 blogs on Google.

The best thing is everything is free. The only investment I made is purchasing a domain name from Godaddy, which was around $3 - Know more on Domain name registration for website 
, which I can say nothing. So its like zero investment..

What do you need to create a free website on Google.
  • Internet  Connection - You can use your office internet , so its free again here. You just have to spend 30 mins or 1 hour not more than that. If you looking for more usage on internet , you can do it by having a internet connection at home.Watch out for some cheap plans but reliable connection.
  • You need to have a Gmail Account

  1. Now sign up with Google Sites. You can use your existing GMAIL account if you have. 
  2. Click the Create Link visible on screen.

3.  Enter the name of your website.
4.  Select Theme of your wish
5.  Describe what is your website all about in Few lines ( MORE OPTIONs )
6.  Enter the CAPTCHA Code
7.  And Finally Click the create link ..Done 

Your FREE WEBSITE is READY.  Looking for more information ? visit  How to create a free website and blog

Monday, October 8, 2012

Free huge high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites list 2012

Free huge high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites list 2012 : In this post 

There are many Free Social bookmarking website available over internet and here is the big list. Before jumping and knowing about free Social bookmarking sites, lets first know why we are using these sites

  1. Create quick quality backlinks to high pagerank websites
  2. Get indexed fast in google search Engine
  3. Get quick traffic to your website
  4. Get recoginised over the internet
  5. Finally make money with your website

Yes you achieve this with just submitting your website to all the huge list of social bookmarking site.