Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to get domain name registration for website in India

How to get domain name registration for website in India : If you are looking for domain name for your website in India, you have to purchase it from domain name registrars. There are many popular websites from where you can buy your domain name.

Personally I prefer . Its very reliable and most common domain name registrar. However in this post I will share some most popular name naming services available in India.

Ideally you can get your domain in just Rs.500 and not more than Rs.700, I recommend to purchase a domain for long years in that way you can save your money. If you purchase for short term you may have to pay more.

How to Purchase Domain Name in

You can sign in and create an account in and before purchasing the domain name , you have to check to make sure that the domain name which you are looking to purchase is available or not.

Godaddy will search and tell you that domain is available for your or not. Otherwise it will prompt you will various alternatives for the domain name you are looking for. I have all my websites domain names purchased from There are always regular updates sent you in Email, I havent called customer care anytime because I never faced any kind of problem with website.All make sure you look for discounts if any before buying a new domain name. Godaddy Offers lots of discounts everytime. You can  even get your domain for free of cost if you purchase some website builder hosting packages.

One of the other very popular domain name registrar is Most of the users purchase domain name from

HostGator provides with Excellent offers and Good Customer care as well. Like , provides discounts on domains. In India the domains can be purchaged for Rs.300-400 as well.I recommend to buy a web-hosting plan  ( BABY PLAN ) and Purchage Domain name along with Hosting plan.Look in web for any available COUPON CODES,


One of the most popular domain registrar in India in , However the overall review seems to be poor. So I still recommend to use

There are other websites, like , from where you can get your domain for lower cost. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Create a Free Website and Blog

How to Create a Free Website and Blog 

Website creation is very easy these days. There are many free blogging sites available over net by which you can create a website for free of cost. If you are using any free blogging sites, then you don't to pay anything. You just have to sign in and create an free account and  start your own blog and start blogging.

Whats So Special About this Website
  • What is a Blog ,Blogger and Blogging
  • Why You should have your Own Blog
  • Steps to create a free Blog
  • Help you knowing how to Purchase a Domain
  • Help you to know more about web-hosting
  • Do and Don't of creating a website and Blog
  • How to Make Money with your website
  • Know about Google Adsense Programs
  • Money Making Tips and Tricks with your Website and Blog
  • Some Common Mistakes Bloggers DO
How to Create a Blog ? This the most common question asked over net and most common searched keyword in Google Search. As I mentioned you have various blogging Sites available you can use for creating free blogging.


There are many free blogging sites available ( Blogger, GoogleSites, TypePAD,, LiverJournal,Xanga and Tumblr ). You can use any one of these sites to create your FREE BLOG. So Your Free Blog is ready now. You Just have to make sure that you sign in , create an Account with these Sites and create your blog of your choice and you are done.

If you want to get a unique name for your website , you can purchase a domain name from Domain Name registrar and you can forward your blog to your domain name. Say your blog name, you can buy a specific and you can forward to
Know more on how to get domain name registration for your website

What is Blog, Blogger and Blogging ? Blogging is like an dairy and you can write what ever you want to and keep this posted in the web. Its a web DAIRY. Your blog is just like a DAIRY of your and blogging is just like writing into it. Know more on blogging  ( What is blog , Blogger and Blogging )

Steps for Creating a Website - STEP BY STEP

  • You Need Purchase a Unique and meaningful DOMAIN Name
  • Look for good hosting server.
  • Configure Wordpress or
  • You need install some important Plugins
  • Setup Google Analytics, Google Adsense and some useful Google Tools

Purchasing Domain Name

There are many domain registrars from where you can purchase domain name. I will give here the example with . You need to sign in for purchasing the domain. On successful Login, you can search for domain name you are looking to buy. Ideally before purchasing a domain name, you have to just make sure that Domain Name is available.

You have to search the domain name in search option.If your domain name is available, you will come to know about the availability and the domain price you can go and buy for.

From the above picture you can see that domain will be prompted as available and you can continue with registration and purchasing the domain. Make sure you complete the payment process process fast , sometimes it quite possible that the domain name you are looking for can be purchased by others as well. There are some more websites where you can purchase domain name. For more information about domain name registrar you can continue reading -How to Get Domain Name Registration for website

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

w3 total cache wordpress plugins to improve website performance

W3 total cache wordpress plugins to improve website performance: Are you facing issues with slow website. Your website is downloading very slow and you want to improve your wordpress website or blog ? When I  hosted my wordpress blog on , I found my website is very slow. 

Since my website was brand new and not many plugins are activated, I didnot understand what could be the problem. I know most of us who are using wordpress surely have faced this problem as well, I believe you are here because to resolve this issue.

Reasons for low site performance or Why my Wordpress site is very Slow

  1. You have lot many plugins installed in your wordpress site.
  2. lot many visitors visiting your site at given point of time
  3. Usage of third party tools or softwares
  4. Linking images in website with other sites
  5. Your hosting server is  very slow.
  6. Your browser is not supporting.
There are various reasons, however ideally most of times the above reasons are most common once.Wordpress is very popular for blogging , however there are issues which can easily fixed.

If you are using wordpress for your blogging , the ideal solution is to use few plugins which can optimize your site performace.

W3 Total Cache: 

Why I created this Website

There are many of us  who are  new to blogging and website creation.I Started my first website in the year 2007. When I started my first website It was really very difficult for me to know how to create a new website for free of cost and how to host it for free. I saw one of my friend was having a website and I checked with him about his website and he helped me a lot with the steps in website creation and what all things needs to be done for having a website.

Its been five years I have my website and now with this site , I like to share some do and don't for creating a website and I like to share my views on how to create a free website and blog. 

Just creating a website will not help much.People often create a website or blogs and just leave it aside after few days. Ideally if you want to be a successful webmaster you need to keep updating your website with Quality and valuable content.

There are lakhs of websites daily created , It become very very important to follow SEO tips and Top in Google Search. This website will be a guide for new blogger and I am going to help you with the tips and tricks for improving your page rank , creating back links and how to make money with your website with zero investment.

So please visiting this website and please do share this with all your friends.