Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to get domain name registration for website in India

How to get domain name registration for website in India : If you are looking for domain name for your website in India, you have to purchase it from domain name registrars. There are many popular websites from where you can buy your domain name.

Personally I prefer . Its very reliable and most common domain name registrar. However in this post I will share some most popular name naming services available in India.

Ideally you can get your domain in just Rs.500 and not more than Rs.700, I recommend to purchase a domain for long years in that way you can save your money. If you purchase for short term you may have to pay more.

How to Purchase Domain Name in

You can sign in and create an account in and before purchasing the domain name , you have to check to make sure that the domain name which you are looking to purchase is available or not.

Godaddy will search and tell you that domain is available for your or not. Otherwise it will prompt you will various alternatives for the domain name you are looking for. I have all my websites domain names purchased from There are always regular updates sent you in Email, I havent called customer care anytime because I never faced any kind of problem with website.All make sure you look for discounts if any before buying a new domain name. Godaddy Offers lots of discounts everytime. You can  even get your domain for free of cost if you purchase some website builder hosting packages.

One of the other very popular domain name registrar is Most of the users purchase domain name from

HostGator provides with Excellent offers and Good Customer care as well. Like , provides discounts on domains. In India the domains can be purchaged for Rs.300-400 as well.I recommend to buy a web-hosting plan  ( BABY PLAN ) and Purchage Domain name along with Hosting plan.Look in web for any available COUPON CODES,


One of the most popular domain registrar in India in , However the overall review seems to be poor. So I still recommend to use

There are other websites, like , from where you can get your domain for lower cost. 

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