Monday, October 1, 2012

Add a Google Sitemap to your Blogger Blog Blogspot

Add a Google Sitemap to your Blogger Blog Blogspot : I was wondering how to add my blog sitemap to Google webmaster tools. Basically what I found is that is a Google Product. If you happen to create your blog with Gmail Account, automatically everything will be synchronized.

So if you want to add your site to Google Webmaster tools , you just sign in to Google Webmaster with same gmail account and you will see an option called "ADD SITE".

You can Click on ADD SITE link and submit your site. Good part is that you don't have to do any kind of validation or verification of your WEBSITE or BLOG, Since its already integrated with GOOGLE.

If you want to submit the SITEMAP of your BLOG, you can do it very easily by going to Settings Section of your blog.

  • The First Step will be be first create an SITEMAP of your blog.
  • You need to visit this website and submit your blog.
  • It will generate the SITEMAP of your BLOG. Copy the whole content.
  • Go to Settings Section of your BLOG, Go To Search Preferences and you will find Custom Robot.txt
  • You just have to ENABLE it and you will prompted with a TEXT Box. PASTE the whole SITEMAP content which you have copied and save it.
  • DONE. Your sitemap is now submitted and you don't have to ping the server , new posts are automatically gets detected by Search Engines.

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