Saturday, October 13, 2012

create your own social networking site free with mixxt

Create your own social networking site free with MIXXT - There are many popular social networking websites which have got high PAGERANK in Google.  To start with , Social networking websites can gain more revenue and visibility to your business and blogs.

If you have more and more users signing up your own social networking site, you business revenue will increase like anything. There are many popular Social networking sites like FACEBOOK,GOOGLEPLUS, ORKUT which has created revolutions in web world. Its all very simple and just need to create a chain of friends to start with.

How to create your own Social NETWOKING website :- One of the simple and best way I have found in web is to use for creating a Free Social networking website. You just have to sign up and start.

Register to MIXXT and enter your own Free Social Network and press START NOW. Once you login  you can find the various options to customize your site.

You can create your own network in just one minute. Enter the Domain name , name of your network , Additional SubTitle, Category of your site, How you want your member names and more options as your go on.

You can select templates as well and create your own free SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE.

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