Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to create free backlinks to your website

How to create free Backlinks to your website : If you are new blogger and wanted to see your website come top in google search results ? Google will put in top in its search results only if your website is having
  • Good Page Rank
  • Relevant Keywords and in exact sequence as the query is
  • High Quality Backlinks
  • Quality Content and 200 other factors  
how to create free backlinks to your website - For new websites or Blogs, quality Backlinks are very important to come up in google search results. Ideally Google does take its own time to bring up new websites in search results. It would take atleast 5-6Months. But if  you are able to create quality backlinks you have very goog chances to see your website in google search results. How To Create Free Backlinks Fast To Your Website

Ok the question is how to create free backlinks to your website : I am going to share few things I am aware of and these things most bloggers do to create free backlinks 

  1. Submitting your sites in Social Bookmarking website like DIGG, REDDIT, STUMBLEUPON
  2. There are 100 more high ranked Social bookMarking websites where you can submit your posts and get free backlinks. Top 100 Best DoFollow Social BookMarking Websites
  3. You can use Yahoo Answers. This is the most useful method and the advantage is , if you try to answer the Questions, people will come to your site for reference and in turn you start getting traffic immediately.
  4. Commenting on others websites and blogs. This is bit easy thing. However there are chances that your comments may not be approved by Moderators of websites. So make sure you give geniune comments and add your link. Make sure you create anchor text while submitting your comments.
  5. You can use FACEBOOK, GOOGLEPLUS and twitter for publishing your posts. This will also give very good traffic believe me.
The above 5 ways I have followed and able to get good page rank. Hope you too will do the same and succeed a well.

Put Quality Content : If you have good quality content people do tend to link their content with your post.This is natural way of getting backlinks. I personally feel we have to focus more quality content rather than focusing more creating backlinks.Most new bloggers tend to jump on creating backlinks. Since there is lots of same content available every where, I personally feel its better to put unique content in your site if you trying to beat your competitor with same niche.


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