Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to create free logo for company

How to create free logo for company ? One question I had always was how to create Logo for my website. If you own a website or company website, you should have LOGO to define your Company and value. LOGO is very essential when its come to show integrity for your website.

Create a free company logo online ?  There are websites available over web where you can go and create a FREE LOGO for your company. One best website I recommend here in my post is
This is really very useful website if you don't to spend money for your company logo. is a popular Graphics designing website which can create your company logo with TEXT as your wish. 

There are many ready made templates available and you just have to use what ever template you feel good for your company design.

There is one more website called which is best of its kind. Its a open source tool and can be downloaded free of cost. There are huge features , editable notes ,Screenshots available by which you can create a company log.

Please use the above two website for creating FREE logo for your company and let me know if you are satisfied with my post.

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