Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Create free personal website

How to Create free personal website  ? Just in case you are not sure how to create Free personal website, you are at right place and that's here. Why you want to have a personal website ? Are you thinking of sharing your life with your friends or you want to share your knows to all. Ok the reason why I ask this question is , you are looking for free personal website, think specific reason for why you want to have a site of yours. Thats the key thing.

Use Free Blogging Sites : There are huge list of free blogging sites available over web. Just sign up with anyone and create your own free blog and done. You just have to have a personal email ID so that you can sign up with this free Blogging sites using your email ID. You need Email ID for verification to make sure you are not spam.

What is you are going to write? Since you are going to write something about you and since its a personal website , try to think what exactly you are going to write about you in your website. Just make a brief list of terms or sentences to create a your personal website. If you have something interesting you can invite your friends to comment and you can buildup your friends list.

Think of name of for your website : The second thing you gonna do is setting a name for your website.You can give your own name for your website. But ideally you need to purchase that domain name from any available domain registrars. You can refer this post for how to buy domain name from Godaddy.

Watch out for free Web-hosting  - if you are looking for free personal website , you can create one in any most popular free blogging site. To name couple which I like is and .Other Free blogging sites include, and

The steps to create a free personal website is same as creating a free websiteYou can refer my post on how to create a free website and blog for more information.

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