Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to promote a website on google for free

How to promote a website on google for free ?  If you want to boost your traffic, you have to make sure that you promote it in best possible ways. More Promotion means more Traffic. If you are a new blogger you can follow these simple tips to promote your website for free 

Submit Your Site to Search Engine Directory : The most popular Search Engine is Google. Why not  you know the google search engine about it. You can do the same with Yahoo, BING , DMOZ and Technorati. This will give quick visibility to your website.

Do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites : There are many free social bookmarking sites and you can submit all your posts to these do-follow Social Bookmarking Sites. You can use to submit to 100+ social bookmarking sites. This is surely give uplift to your website promotion. Top 100 Do-follow Social Bookmarking websites 

Send Emails to your friends : You can take advantage of your friends EMail List. Do sent mails to all your friends to make them know about your website. Tell your friends to forward your website to their friends.Make sure you include you website name and details in the signature .

Create a Facebook FAN Page : Yes , you can do it for free absolutely. Go ahead and create a FACEBOOK Fan Page and invite all your friends and relatives to join the FACEBOOK Fan Page. Request them to LIKE your page. Know how to get more likes to your FACEBOOK Fan Page.

Advertise your website: Google offers free advertising. You can use Google Adwords coupons  to advertise your website. 

Update your site with Quality Content : Keep your website going. Update it regularly with some interesting and quality content.

Comment on other blogs : Look for website of same niche. Give valuable comments and add your website there. You can comment on the do-follow blogs. It will  improve your page rank.

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